PAPIs LatAm 2018 open

Call for Proposals

PAPIs is the 1st series of international conferences dedicated to real-world Machine Learning applications, techniques, and tools. Previous editions took place in Boston, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris, Valencia, London, and PAPIs is now coming back to São Paulo! It brings together engineers, scientists, researchers, hackers and managers (250 attendees per day, over 2 days) who meet to share experiences and discover the latest innovations, techniques, and tools to build ML applications. Find out more at

Key dates

  • April 4 (23:59 BST) : Call for Proposals closes
  • April 16: Notifications of acceptance/rejection due
  • June 20-21: Conference takes place in São Paulo

This year we'd like to strongly encourage women to submit proposals. As a community conference, we think it's important to increase diversity in AI. Applications for funding to reimburse childcare and travel costs will be invited from women and primary carers whose proposals are accepted. We're also looking for sponsors to support our diversity efforts!

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What we're looking for

We want to hear about challenges and lessons learned using ML in various applications/products/processes, and exciting applications where ML is integrated in new domains or in new ways in our lives. Those challenges can be technical, or domain-specific and related to business, design, regulations, fairness, accountability, transparency, privacy, ethics, etc. We're interested in seeing what you did, and how you did it, e.g. which techniques, frameworks, tools, architectures, infrastructures, pipelines you used or created.


We welcome technical and non-technical presentations with a practical mindset, for all experience levels — from beginner-friendly how-tos to cautionary tales to deep dives for experienced professionals. They will be organized in the following tracks:

  • 🔌 Tools and APIs that make it easier to integrate ML into real-world applications
  • 🤖 Lean AI: when the end-product is your main concern, and modeling is your last
  • ☠️ FAIL: you aren’t a real ML innovator until you’ve had to deal with massive failure of your ML system
  • 🔬 Innovations and Research to improve intelligent applications.

We’re looking for a diverse and creative line-up of speakers, preferably with experience in public speaking. We invite them to submit proposals of 20' long, non-commercial presentations. (Note: we also have a very limited number of sponsored speaking slots — contact the sponsorship team for more information on how to secure one.)


We welcome technical papers, industrial experience reports, review and research papers. While submitting a paper is no requirement to be accepted to present at PAPIs, we highly encourage to do so. Papers presented at PAPIs are published in Proceedings of Machine Learning Research.

Tips and rules

You can see tips on how to craft a good proposal, how to submit it, and some rules here. We will be receiving several proposals covering the same topics. They will be blind-reviewed by our Program Committee and evaluated on the basis of their novelty and/or significance and/or clarity of presentation. Reading these tips and rules will help you craft a proposal that stands out and increase its chances of getting accepted.

We’re looking forward to receiving your best proposals!

If you have questions or if you have not heard about the status of your submission, please contact us.


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Closes at Apr 4, 2018 at 03:59am GMT

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